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Managing Healthy Lifestyle

Drink much water to keep your body hydrated.
Provide enough vitamins and minerals.
Provision of vitamins and minerals to your skin is also very important.
Putting on make-up daily with products containing strong
chemical substances, such as sunblock, could dry your skin.

1. Do not apply flannel on your face.
2. Using chemical cleanser can destroy sebum and corneous tissue.
3. Too much exfoliation or skin peeling can be harmful to your skin.
TIP. Enough sleep and stress-free lifestyle is the key to healthy skin.
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Using Good Cosmetic Products

What is a good cosmetic product?
According to Article 1, Cosmetic Law, cosmetic products are substances that can provide light influence on the skin when used. The reason for this definition is that it should be a much safer measure than medicine to be applicable to people of all ages and all sex for 365 days a year. A good cosmetic product is a safe and healthy product applicable to anyone. To make a good cosmetic product, the producer should have a profound understanding of each substance used for cosmetic products. EWG grade rank any substance that did not go through researched certification lower, and rank surfate substances that can roughen skin in the second grade. In this context, what is more important for a cosmetic producer is a concentration of substances than EWG grade.

When cosmetic producers focus on the safety and reliability, they could miss out the efficacy of their products. It is through our long-term research and experience that allowed us to develop our complex recipe that provides great efficiency in making your skin healthier. We always concern about the reliability of substance. Pharma Lab and Dermanex are the product of our developing technology and know-hows.
Trust us, you will feel the difference.
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