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Making your skin
Moisturized and smooth

Q. What do you do for your skin? Using effective cleanser for meticulous cleansing. Choose good cosmetic products, not expensive products. Apply natural handmade packs. Drink much water. Sleep soundly, so your skin won’t be tired.

Making your skin Moisturized and smooth
< Green Tea Infused Water >

Green tea substances –catechin, vitamin A, C, and
E –perform anti-oxidation that slows skin-aging.
Drink green tea and cleanse with green tea for
your moisturized and smooth skin every day!

1. Infuse green tea bag or leaves in warm water for 10 minutes.
2. Cleanse your face applying a natural cleanser product.
3. Wash several times with green tea infused water.
(If the green tea water is infused too deep, use fresh water to finish up.)
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