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Mineral Story of Pharma Lab

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Mineral Story of Pharmalab

One of the 5 essential nutrients for human body / the absolute helper of skin care: Minerals!
Ionized minerals – calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc, sulfur, and manganese – provide energy for skin to remove toxicity in our body.
The essential nutrient mineral / check out for numerous mineral stories in Pharma Lab
(Dermanex contains calcium, magnesium, and zinc)

What is Mineral?

What is Mineral? Vitamins and Minerals are 2 essentialnutrients thatburn other 3 essential nutrients
- carbohydrate, fat, and protein (the energy sources of the body).

5 Essential Nutrients Inorganic elements and inorganic nutrients are called minerals.
Mineral serves the essential role
in the human body by controlling bodily metabolism.

Role of minerals in human body

  • 01Organizing bodily tissues
  • Calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, iron, copper, and sulfur play an essential role in organizing our bodily tissues.
  • 02Activating enzymes in body
  • Enzymes help the chemical reactional functions of basic vital activities – digestion, ingestion, and excretion. Minerals help enzymes to perform their role.
  • 03Cell osmotic pressure, pH control within body
  • Minerals help to ingest essential nutrients through cell layers and control osmotic pressure to excrete unnecessary materials in body. Also, when our body ingest food with high pH, calcium and magnesium help us maintain in alkalescence(pH 7.4).
  • 04Removing bodily wastes
  • Minerals remove toxicities from metabolic process and wastes from ingestion or respiration. When you experience a lack of mineral or imbalance, toxicities will build up in your body, which causes illness and aging.
  • 05Stress Management
  • Minerals circulate our body in ionized form in blood and body fluid to help nerve and electric transmission. Lacking in minerals may cause instability in nerve and easily exposure to stress.
  • 06Nutrients delivery
  • Once protein and carbohydrate decompose in the body, the ionized mineral must combine with them to deliver them around the body. Lacking in minerals would enable such role.
  • 07Skin care
  • Minerals activate skin cells and contribute raising immunity of the body. Minerals also help our skin to meet the needed balance to maintain elasticity and youth.