Pharma Lab will bring your skin back to the youth.

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Pharma Lab is the ALL-IN-ONE solution.

Easy care for a healthy skin with ALL-IN-ONE solution!

Special Care
Customized Formula
for Each Skin Type

Step 1

Skin Recovery

Bioredoxyl (rice ferment extract), our patented ingredient will bring back biorhythm of your exhausted skin and vegetable extract anti-oxidants will aid skin recovery.

Step 2

Improving Skin Elasticity with Oriental Medicine

Our hypoallergenic elasticity improving cream minimizes irritation while promoting skin elasticity with oriental ingredients including milkvetch extract, eclipta prostrata extract, scutellaria extract, mulberry root extract, and portulaca extract.

Step 3

Vegetable Placenta : A placenta-like substance from vegetables

The ingredients include: lecithin, cholesterol, sea buckthorn oil, squalene, hydrogenated lecithin, ceramide 3, phytospingosine, sophora japonica callus culture extract, sea buckthorn fruit extract, phospholipid vegetable squalene, phytosterol, and denatured alcohol (Alcohol not used for liquor but for cosmetic products to extract oil-soluble substances).

Step 4

Moisturizing and Nourishing

Using tremella fuciformis sporocarp extract, trehalose, glycerin, rice bran oil, rice ferment extract, royal jelly extract, and propolis extract to moisturize and nourish your skin, presenting relaxation to your skin.

Men and Women of All age,
Aspire to Be Beautiful.

An aspiration for beauty is the reason people use numerous cosmetic products.
Yet, cosmetic products containing chemical substances in instant foods actually made our skin ill without realizing. The natural beauty does not come without healthy skin. The chemical substances, such as artificial spices, colors, and preservatives, contained in instant foods and massive manufacturing cosmetic products are the primary causes of dry and malnourished skin.

Ionized natural minerals – calcium, magnesium, sulfur, and selenium ˗ quickly absorbed into the deepest spots on our skin to keep us moisturized and protect our skin clear and healthy.


Pharma Lab Cream does
Not contain artificial spices, colors, or any substances classified as preservatives.
Reliability is what our products contain. We only include high-quality ingredients that we
produced in our formula as a facial product should be made with extra care.
This cosmetic product does not contain artificial spices, colors,
or any substances classified as preservatives.


Pharma Lab Cream is
Certified non-irritating cosmetic product.
This non-irritating product can be used for any skin type
sensitive, delicate, and troubled skins
to anyone in the family from children to grandmother.


Pharma Lab Cream
Uses skin analogue liquid crystal
This product is made with the unique recipe, developed from Pharma Lab high-tech,
applies only the ingredients passed our meticulous inspection.
This procedure creates quality differentiation of our products from any others using the same ingredients.

6 Principles of Skin Solution

  • 저자극 성분
  • Hypoallergenic Product
  • Passed Certified Skin Irritation Tests
  • 저자극 성분
  • Preserving the Quality Safely
  • Using Sanitary and Solid Container
  • 안전한 품질 보존
  • World Best Quality Ingredients
  • Conducting Continuous Research and Using Quality Ingredients Only
  • 세계 유명 명품 원료
  • Skin Solution
  • Presenting Different Solutions by Skin Types
  • 합리적 가격
  • Reasonable Price
  • Cost-Effective Pricing for Customers
  • 동물실험반대
  • Free From Animal Testings
  • Excluding Unethical / Unnecessary Animal Tests